Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Interbase open source
Author Darryl VanDorp

I'm sure i'm voicing the opinions of several other Interbase
*users* when I say, please post what you have. (polished or not)
As I had the privilege of reading some of your postings in the past
and if I'm not mistaken you also authored "How to make Interbase Scream"
(correct title?) Your insight and knowledge would be greatly
appreciated in and by "The Community."


>2) I have saved a number of HOWTO style docs, summarized from old
>messages that I wrote on InterBase newsgroups. I might polish these and
>put them on my website. But I haven't decided yet.
>3) Same goes for small solutions I've written (SQL scripts, Perl
>scripts) that would be helpful to InterBase users. Examples: an init.d
>script for starting InterBase on Linux, and a "learning" full-text
>search engine implemented with Blobs, indexes, and stored procedures.

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