Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Interbase open source
Author Bill Karwin
John Huntjens wrote:
> Hello mr. Karwin,
> I could not resist sending you a private e-mail, but now Interbase is
> opensource are you plannig / willing to get more involved with
> Interbase. I always thought very high of you when you ware giving answers in the
> newsgroups in the time that you were working with Interbase.

Well, this isn't exactly private email, since you sent it to
IB-Architect. :-)
Thank you very much for your kind words.

For now, I'm still involved in the InterBase community in the following

1) I'm still hosting IBPerl on my website,, and I might
continue to advance this tool on my own schedule.

2) I have saved a number of HOWTO style docs, summarized from old
messages that I wrote on InterBase newsgroups. I might polish these and
put them on my website. But I haven't decided yet.

3) Same goes for small solutions I've written (SQL scripts, Perl
scripts) that would be helpful to InterBase users. Examples: an init.d
script for starting InterBase on Linux, and a "learning" full-text
search engine implemented with Blobs, indexes, and stored procedures.

4) I might answer questions on the MERS listserver, but less frequently
than I have in the past.

5) I'm communicating with the NewCo group about how I can contribute in
other ways.

Bill Karwin