Subject Bug in gpre
It seems that in code generated by gpre, it doesn't check the return
value from isc_receive().

I noticed this while looking at the following piece of generated code
from DYN_UTIL_generate_field_name() in jrd/dyn_util.c

isc_receive ((long*) 0L, &request, (short) 1, (short) 2,
&isc_24, (short) 0);
if (!isc_24.isc_25) break;

Whatever the reason, isc_receive fails. This code then continues by
reading isc_24.isc_25, which at this point is uninitialized and at
best contains random values.

This code is probably emitted by gen_receive() in gpre/c_cxx.c, but
from that point I'm cleless of how to fix it. Anyone have an idea?

Mike Nordell

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