Subject Sorting out the mailing list usage...
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 7/31/2000 10:25 AM (Monday), Mike Nordell wrote:
>True, but now we at least get a central repository for suggestions about
>the new name. Right now it seems to be discussed in a number of places.

Please forgive this cross-posting but don't we need to sort out some of the
recent postings?

Due to the message chaos over the past few days on the Interbase lists I
would like to respond to the above comment and suggest where discussions
should be pursued.

IB-Architect ( is where you should pursue
questions of Interbase internal architecture. Most of what has been
discussed in the past few days is NOT architectural.

IB-Build ( is where details of makefiles,
missing source files, etc should be discussed. Anything pertaining to
getting the source built.

IBDI ( is where community organizing should take place.
Coordination of who is doing what and where. Discussions of where to put
the CVS tree should go here. Also discussions of what role NewCo should
play. Also discussions of legal issues such as copyright. Most importantly
announcements of interest to the whole community should be posted here,
such as Ted Shelton's messages and our responses.

IB-Marketing ( is where product name questions
should be pursued. Also discussion of activities related to promotion of

Also two requests: 1) Please keep quoting under control! 2) Please don't
cross post. Most people in this very active community subscribe to many of
these lists.