Subject Re: [IB-Architect] InterBase Source Now Available from Public CVS Server
Author Paul Reeves
Mike Nordell wrote:
> Paul Reeves asked:
> > e-mail address is ib-architect@..., and why you don't publish your
> surname?
> As for the second question; I'm from Sweden, and I might be used to a more
> informal approach. E.g. I always end both personal mails and public posts by
> plain "/Mike". However, since you wondered about it: :-)
> Mikael Nordell - Senior Systems Designer/Consultant

Thanks for the reply - this list is kind of parochial - everyone knows everyone,
sort of thing, except for when new people turn up. But even the oldest of old
hands (Starkey and Harrison, take a bow) sign with their surnames.

Anyway, I don't think you'll get far with the campaign to stop people quoting
entire replies when they say 'me too' or 'thanks'. My bug-bear is e-mails in
html. And the latest phenomenon which is annoying me is cross-posting. Just
about everyone seems to be cross-posting to IBDI, IB-Architect, Mers generally,
and the new IB-Build. And my mail filter sends them all to which ever is listed

Still, at least the list servers/news-groups aren't down. That would really piss
me off.


Paul Reeves
Fleet River Software