Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Did anyone get a win32 compile going?
Author Mark O'Donohue
Actually a cygwin compile would be interesting.

Since it comes with g++ and gcc on the PC.

There was a bucketload of unix stuff ported using cygwin to the PC, ones I
remember including (an apache port) The X server and many many more - there might
even be a ksh.

Since it's obviously a port from unix type build, and since cygwin is a VERY good
port of unix environment (in my mind better than MKSToolkit).

It may not be a bad way to go for compatibility.

The linux compile did not produce so many errors, so it's probably a windows
thing (LPSTR) and all that stuff.

Also the gcc compiler is "free" if your worried about that.

> Besides that, I've got working command line tools (well, I tested gpre
> and it worked), but the server isn't working just yet.

Good to hear someone is making progress..