Subject InterBase Source Now Available from Public CVS Server
Author rschieck

1) There is a new list available at
called ib-build which is about how to build InterBase from the source.
It is empty an in need of messages.

2) The above mentioned group is mirrored in the news server
and the group is .

3) There is a public CVS server (cvs is a source control system) that
now holds the InterBase source in it.

READ ONLY Access is via :

UserName : anonymous
Password : interbase

The CVS stuff for it is:

-d :pserver:anonymous@...:/repository

If you get hassled by the you can use:

-d :pserver:anonymous@...:/repository

There are several modules:

interbase - the interbase source with a misc. directory containing the
contents of

tools - marion source + marion.ddl

ibconsole - ibconsole - a couple of units that are being worked on...

interclient - interclient source - there are two subdirectorys under
this one, 16 and 20 for version 1.6 and 2.0 of interclient

ibx - empty until the source appears....

4) If you need info on how to use cvs, please go to for more info, the software and links to other cvs

5) There is a private email address ibbuild@... for those who want
changes made to the archives.... We maybe allowing checkin access in the

The InterBase list server, and the whole cvs thing is going to have to
run on autopilot after late sunday morning as I will be out of town
until next friday..

What I am hoping for is the community to pull together to solve the
build problems so we can move on to other more interesting things. So
post/send in your solutions...

keep smiling and have fun

Rob Schieck
MER Systems Inc.

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