Subject A word on InterBase at Inprise

There has been a lot of speculation about Inprise and InterBase.
My name is Ted Shelton. I am the Sr. VP of Business
Development for Inprise. I have attached below a press release
which is being sent out right now to clarify our position with
respect to InterBase.

Most importantly:

1) We are not shutting down InterBase. We continue to have a
solid group of InterBase employees, we will continue to support
our existing customers, and we will continue to participate in
the InterBase community.

2) We are working to develop a plan around supporting InterBase
as an open source product. We will be inviting the community to
make suggestions about how we can best accomplish this goal.

3) We welcome the development of new companies seeking to
support InterBase. We hope that, as with the Linux community,
there will be many successful companies that develop around

While we were not able to come to an investment agreement with
Ann Harrison and Paul Beach we appreciate the efforts they have
made on behalf of the InterBase community and wish them the best
in their endeavors.

Please feel free to send comments or questions to me directly



Ted Shelton


SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif., July 28, 2000 - Inprise/Borland (Nasdaq:
INPR) today announced that it has terminated negotiations with
Ann Harrison regarding the sale of the InterBase� product line
to a start-up venture led by Ms. Harrison.
The company is planning to fully support InterBase customers by
retaining a core team to successfully transition the open source
version of InterBase. Inprise/Borland is responding to the needs
of open source developers, and is joining the many companies
that have embraced open source.

"After careful consideration, we determined that it was not in
the best interest of Inprise/Borland's stockholders for us to
sell the InterBase product line to a start-up entity which
initially would be dependent on Inprise/Borland for funding,"
said Dale Fuller, interim president and CEO of Inprise/Borland.
"We are excited about building a relationship with the open
source community. We believe this process will strengthen both
the InterBase community and further enhance the product."

Last week, Inprise/Borland announced that the source code for
InterBase 6.0 and binary versions for Linux�, Windows�, and
SolarisTM would be made available at the Inprise/Borland Web
site, InterBase 6.0 was released
under a variant on the Mozilla Public License (MPL) V1.1.
Developers using InterBase under this license can modify the
code or develop applications without being required to open
source them. The open source license applies to all platforms.

About InterBase 6.0
InterBase 6.0 is the most recent version of the powerful,
high-performance cross-platform database known for its
low-maintenance requirements and enterprise-class features and
performance. In addition to being the first open source release
of InterBase, Version 6.0 introduces a number of new features
including new data types (long integer, date, time), extended
SQL92 compliance, an open interface for defining new national
character sets, plus performance and security enhancements.

Availability and Support
InterBase 6.0 can be downloaded immediately from the
Inprise/Borland Web site at

About Inprise/Borland
Inprise Corporation (referred to in this press release as
Inprise/Borland) is a leading provider of Internet access
infrastructure and application development tools and services
for most major platforms, including Linux�, Sun (Nasdaq: SUNW)
Solaris�, Windows� (Nasdaq: MSFT) and the Macintosh� OS (Nasdaq:
AAPL). Founded in 1983, Inprise/Borland is headquartered in
Scotts Valley, California with operations worldwide. To learn
more, visit Inprise/Borland at, the
community site at or call the
company at 800-632-2864.


NOTE: Inprise/Borland's product names are trademarks or
registered trademarks of Inprise Corporation. Other product
names mentioned herein may be trademarks of the party using such
names. Forward-looking statements in this release, including but
not limited to, those concerning Inprise/Borland's future
financial performance, product development plans, and the
potential features of or benefits to be derived from the
products developed, marketed or sold by Inprise/Borland, involve
a number of uncertainties and risks, and actual events or
results may differ materially. Factors that could cause actual
events or results to differ materially include, among others,
the following: possible disruptive effects of organizational or
personnel changes by Inprise/Borland, shifts in customer demand,
market acceptance of new or enhanced products developed,
marketed or sold by Inprise/Borland, delays in scheduled product
availability dates, actions or announcements by competitors,
software errors, general business conditions and market growth
rates in the client/server and Internet software markets, and
other factors described in the reports on Forms 10-K and 10-Q
filed by Inprise/Borland with the SEC.

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