Subject Re: [IB-Architect] My position
Author Joseph Alba
Dear Ann,

What the Interbase Community needs right now is a LEADER. All open source
communities have that. Like, Linus is to Linux.

But for the open source community to flourish, I noticed that the leaders
are usually employed by established corporations.

For me, the really best thing that could have happened is, for Interbase
Corp to maintain you as President. (They pay you a salary, and perhaps the
stock options would come later).

But, maybe, Jim S. can become OUR NewCo president.

This way, the Interbase community rides all horses, has access to all
possible networks (like marketing, global presence, facilities, ...)

-- o- --

But moving on...

Right now, we can see that there's a lot to do.

Can we have a weighted list of priorities of things to do, so that
volunteers can step in as task leaders / members?

Question: Will Jim S. be back as NewCo mentor? I'm sure a lot of us in this
list kinda miss his acerbic guidance. It was great to see aspiring
developers like us to have a giant like him around who can put reins on our
whims, and guide us around traps and elephant pit holes.

Anyway, do thank him for me (and I'm sure from a lot of others, including

Thank you, BBW. I really pray that you'll be back.

Joseph Alba