Subject RE: [IB-Architect] ISC - State of the nation report ?
Author Jeff Blackwell
Admittedly, I am only the head of a small shop, but I feel that the future
is very much in favor of Interbase. This is especially true in smaller
environments - not that it can't go head to head with the bigger guys, but
politics usually prevail more in those environments. I see some huge areas
where an Open Source IB can carve up the market. One question would be if
we can prevail on Cobalt to use the NewCo over IB, at the next rev. I
helped to test IB on the RaQ4, and I was left very impressed. This would
be a big step in the right direction. If Dale can't see this, to hell with
him. That hurts me to say, as I am a Delphi,BCB developer and a Borland
shareholder (that hurts bad enough... ;-)) . If a fork in the source is
what it takes, then let's do it. I stand ready to support (monetarily)
either INPR or NewCo, depending on who steps up and puts some skin in the
game and takes charge. Right now, it's a Mexican standoff, and that's not
good for anybody. If Borland is willing to get serious about it, I think
that they could have a killer product. I get the feeling that they are not
serious - the database doesn't fit in with their vision. Their actions
speak for themselves. If that's true, then let's get going on the
successor. The King is dead... Long live the King!

Jeff Blackwell

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Subject: Re: [IB-Architect] ISC - State of the nation report ?

Hi Paul,

Paul Gallagher wrote:

> I think you underestimate the complete bumbling incompetence of Inprise
> management. They nearly destroyed this fine product with NO
> competition(comparable product of course). They were ready to literally,
> throw it in the trash can, until the developers came to it's rescue. What
> chance would they have if they actually had a competitor? They are
> for badly managing/marketing products. Delphi is arguably the finest
> development package on the planet, yet they fail to compete with far
> inferior products like VisualBasic. There is no reason to believe they
> change now.

Never underestimate an opponent.

Besides, to a outsider, it is Inprise that is the good guy, after all, the
marketing and press releases say so..........
So why should they listen to a company they never heard of, or deal with
developers tools.
We need to stand up and be heard, regardless of what Dale and Borlprise are



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