Subject Re: [IB-Architect] ISC - State of the nation report ?
Author Dalton Calford
IF, and this is a big IF

the code were to be forked.....

We would be without the rights to the documentation,
we would not be able to use Interbase in the name of anything we do, and
we would not have the test database.

The new company would be at a disadvantage, due to a lack of name recognition
and needing to play catchup.


This is, in my opinion, what has to be done in order to save our investment in
time and money with this product line.

The code can be forked, community leaders put in charge of specific projects,
and a well financed company put in place to make sure a strong engineering
team is always improving the code.

This still comes down to name recognition. We would need to have a series of
very well produced press releases as well as some big name support behind the
Once the tools are in place, we would need hundreds of submissions to places
like slashdot, as well as agreements with mainline OS distributions.

In order to do this, we would need to prove to newco or to the investors that
are looking at newco, that there is a demand for support contracts and
We need a groundswell of support from the users of IB and from the companies
whose systems are based around IB.

We need another series of 'Commited to IB' emails, only this time, we need to
make a commitment that we will buy support from the new company.
It is now that our voices need to be heard the loudest.

With Dales current actions, he has put the future of IB into our hands, and it
is up to us to make a difference.

best regards


Bill Lancaster wrote:

> >I may be flying off the handle unnecessarily, but given
> >the way this back stabbing weasel has treated the InterBase
> >community I have trouble paying blackmail money to scoundrels.
> I'm with you. Ann's being too polite and is not getting the same in
> return. I say it's time to fork this thing, change the name, and move on.
> I don't know what it'll take to get Jim back onboard but he might be
> thrilled to help with a fresh start. I guess the holdup would be the test
> suite, documentation, and a sentimental attachment to the name. However, I
> think the sooner the change the better, while there's still press.
> Bill Lancaster
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