Subject IB6 built on Win32
Author Mike Nordell
I've now managed to build gds32.dll and the NT server .exe!
OK, it's not working very well, upon connect it never responds and it chews
a couple of houndred megs of memory befor I have to kill it, but at least it
starts! :-)

Now for the interesting questions:
I'm not really familiar with IB, and Ann explained that gpre is used to
generate "largely system independent" code. As I understand it, but I
definitely could be wrong due to ignorance in this case, the (only?) reason
gpre needs access to a (a specific?) already generated DB, at least when
building IB itself, is due to the fact that it needs to know the on-disk
format of the database for the specific platform.

If this is the case, wouldn't it be easier to put this on-disk-format into
platform specific directories/header/libraries to drop the dependency on an
already running DB when building IB?