Subject Re: [IB-Architect] First impressions
Author Jan Mikkelsen
Adam Clarke wrote:
>Are you familiar with GNU Autoconf? I'm not particularly except to note
>most good open source projects use it to manage the platform specific
>configuration issues. (some examples; Samba, Perl).
>It might be worth a look at before embarking on this project if you have
>time and energy :)

Yes, I'm familiar with Autoconf. I'm not a fan. In this context, the major
problem with autoconf is that it only works on Unix derivatives.

We have a build system which does dependency management, multi-architecture,
multi-compiler builds. It requires GNU Make, which is pretty portable; even
to platforms which don't support typing "./configure". Once it is clear
what actually needs to be compiled, everything else is trivial. We have it
running on Windows NT and various Unix derivatives, but it has been designed
to be relatively operating system independent, as opposed to any operating
system as long as it looks like Unix.

At the moment, the work is in doing the autopsy on the old build system. If
someone just has the output of a complete build run, that would be useful

Jan Mikkelsen