Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Smart commit
Author Ivan Prenosil
> As I know (my knowledge may be out of date) the transaction which did nothing
> through the exception or other reason must be commited. In other case (if it is
> rollbacked) the TIP will consider it as oldest active transaction (if it's
> oldest) and only sweep is the solution.

No. In old versions of IB, rollback caused "oldest interesting transaction" to stuck.
In newer versions - IB5, IB6 (I can't rebember whether IB4), there are some optimisations:
- when your transaction does nothing and you rollback, IB internally change it to commit.
- when your transaction does some data modifications and you rollback,
then these modifications are "undone" (with the help of some in-memory structures)
and then IB commits instead.