Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Its Out
Author Phil Shrimpton
> From: Helen Borrie [mailto:helebor@...]


> >Perhaps, this discussion can be moved out of this list. This has
> >nothing to do with IB Architecture.
> Oh, right now, it has EVERYTHING to do with IB Architecture.

Here, Here. Releasing the source is < 50% of the deal. The ISC handover,
the ISC support, the ISC Community etc. is the rest, and probably the most
important part.

Do we really want to be paying 'our mate Dale' for support contracts, I can
see it now,

"Hi Dale, I have some bad DB corruption..."

"OK, we will sort it out in Q1 2001"

" wait a minute, make that the end of Q2 at the Latest"

"...Hang on, give me another two weeks on this, trust me guys"

"...Ok you can have you support, but M$ is providing it"

"What, you want manuals?...where's my calendar"