Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Its Out
Author Dalton Calford
Does it matter?

Ok, we have all seen the crock that Inprise has done to Interbase.

Well, now that IB is open source, who would you pay for support?
If newco decided to fork the code base, who's branch would you rely upon and
Who would you want to pay for support or updates to the system?
We all know that Inprise is going to use IB to try to raise stock value, then
forget about it. They have not even been protecting thier trademark.

So, I know that if Ann and Paul and crew decided to ignore Inprise, and start
thier own company, I would be first in line to buy support (and invest).

So, at this point, we should be screaming for the manuals to become open source,
for the recursion test database to be released, and for Dale to get out of our
faces so we can continue to make some money with a excellent product.

Now that the source is out, Dale and Inprise are irrelevant. The next question
is, who all wants to invest in newco?



Gregory Deatz wrote:

> I agree with Bill.
> To add to the list of questions: What are Inprise's plans to manage the
> product? Without Ann or Paul at the helm, what do they plan to do? How
> does *Inprise* plan to develop the source code? How does *Inprise* plan
> to support the community?
> AND--at BorCon, Dale was openly *committed* to the deal with Ann and
> Paul. Why the sudden non-commit? Why suddenly downplay the InterBase
> Software Corp's involvement in this?
> Although it's terribly exciting to finally have an open source database,
> it's also very disturbing to think that it seems *Inprise* has no plan
> for InterBase except to shove it out the door.
> I'd like to see Ann, Paul and Matt at the helm of a company that can
> build genuine excitement for an open-source database. I'd like to see
> them executing a well thought out plan for moving InterBase forward, and
> for pushing a free database into the community.
> Bill Lancaster wrote:
> >
> > After listening to the conference call, it's my opinion that Inprise does
> > not intend to spin-off InterBase. Ann, Paul, or Matt would be better to
> > clarify this if they know. However, the words and actions today reflect an
> > Inprise product line. In the cc, Dale said he committed to open sourcing
> > InterBase and he did it. He also said they "discussed" the possibility of
> > spinning off a company but that may not come to fruition. I do not
> > remember the exact wording.
> >
> > Bill Lancaster
> >
> > At 06:13 PM 7/25/00 +0400, you wrote:
> > >Ann,
> > >
> > >I've found nothing about InterBase Software Corporation in Dale's press
> > >release? What does it mean?
> > >
> > >Best regards,
> > >Dmitry
> > >
> >