Subject RE: OpenBase, Phoenix, etc. Re: [IB-Architect] Open Letter
Author Tim Uckun
At 08:55 PM 07/20/2000 +1000, you wrote:
>do not be fooled by gpl. if you use a gpl product as part of your product,
>especially as a library, you must supply the source code for the whole
>product!!!! (that's why the LGPL license was brought to life)

It occured to me that the GPL is viral but it's not an airborne virus it's
a bloodborne virus. That is the GPL will not infect my code unless somehow
my code and their code intermixes. As long as I am not mixing my code and
their code I am safe.

So yes If I actually use any of their code (via linking to a library,
cutting and pasting, etc) then I am infected. But writing an application
that manipulates or integrates with a GPLed app will not infect me.

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