Subject Re: [IB-Architect] newbie
Author Paul Beach
> I'm very new at this InterBase and I'm looking to use it for a web
> my doubt is: what "active-server-pages-like" technology can I use with
> InterBase? PHP? ChiliSoft ASP? or do I need to wait for the ODBC driver to
> ready. The web application would be running on Unix so IBObject's OLEDB is
> of the question. Thanks in advance for your help!

You should wait for the ODBC driver to be ready (its nearly there), since
the original main intent of its development and availability is to provide
support for Chilisoft ASP :-)

Chilisoft having been acquired by Cobalt, and Cobalt are now shipping
InterBase 6.0 on their new RaQ4

Jim, I think we have reached the point that we should make the beta binaries
available for Windows and Linux....if we can.

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