Subject RE: [IB-Architect] new idea/proposition.
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> Also, advice might include deactivating indexes that are used regularly,
> but have very poor selectivity. Such indexes might cost more to
> maintain than is justified by the meager benefit they give.

As long as this (real) history is not repeated: a friend mine works for a
governmental organization. The first time she ran the "Database Optimizer
Wizard" (I don't remember the exact name and I don't have patience to start
MsSql just to see the right name) in MsSql v7, she was offered to delete an
index on a table, because it was suboptimal... but the only problem is that
this table was a SYSTEM TABLE!

> This "advice" feature was at times given the cute name, "database
> copilot". It makes me think of the cartoon character in Microsoft
> Office who pops up offering help when I hit a wrong key.

Nooo, Ms-Office helpers no, please! Do you imagine "Dr. Genius" popping up
to ask you if you want to add more records to [by definition] single-record
table rdb$database?

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