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so i'm not totally of the track then, (all points bill brought up where the
points i was thinking about, tho i'd probably call it smart indexing
myself....). So next question to throw into the mix is it
feasible/viable/wanted? (i'd think so myself, as i would find this feature
eminently usable on both accounts (report and autocreation)). Not something
i think you could do outside the engine is why i brought it up here. but
rather than just relying on the plans, which are good for finding
sorting/joining information, the where criteria of the statement would help
in creating indexes useful for common subselections. This would for example
come in very handy for say a stock based system where there are lots of
master/detail queries occuring (and say the developer forgets to create the
right indexes, in this case the engine will silently fix this by
autocreating the index).

Ungod (W.King)
I found the answer, now where'd I put that problem...

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Likewise, the engine could monitor non-usage of existing indexes, and
periodically advise dropping or deactivating indexes that are never
used. I guess this would also require keeping counting the total number
of queries on the same table.

Also, advice might include deactivating indexes that are used regularly,
but have very poor selectivity. Such indexes might cost more to
maintain than is justified by the meager benefit they give.

This "advice" feature was at times given the cute name, "database
copilot". It makes me think of the cartoon character in Microsoft
Office who pops up offering help when I hit a wrong key.

Bill Karwin

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