Subject Open letter to Ann and Paul.
Author Andre Mostert
Re: [IB-Architect] RE: Interbase connection limit and Support


Most of you will remember this thread (which I started). I've got some
feedback. First of all our software house under the guidance of Inprise
South Africa have reduced the connection count, as well as introduced
stateless connections.

More importantly though is that Ann and her team have made available a build
for us to test, which resolves the issue. We have'nt tested it yet but I
have no doubt that it's fixed.

I know that Ann was less than charmed with me when I aired this on the list.
First off I have no regrets that I did but I wanted to thank Ann, Paul,
Chris in the same forum. I owe them that. They have gone out on a limb since
my email, kept me posted and resolved the issue.

Many thanks to all those of you who so generously offered advice and

Regards Andre.