Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Open Letter
Author Jim Starkey
At 07:00 PM 7/14/00 +0200, you wrote:
>What's this Cobalt Networks issue ?
>Pardon my ignorance, but I do not know them.
>And never read about them since the 'black' december.

Cobalt Networks is a very nice company in Silicon Valley. Despite
their name, they make everything but networks. They sell two
families of servers, a Cube-n in-house server line for businesses
and a RAQ-n lines for Internet service providers (18 inch rack
mount, about an inch thick). Their boxes are simplicity itself --
take the box out of the packaging, slide it into a rack, connect
the power and ethernet cables, punch in the IP address from the
font, and sit down with your browser for the rest. The boxes
come preconfigured, including InterBase, and ready to go. I
believed they OEMed V5, so they aren't a stranger to Borland/Inprise.

Cobalt's first boxes were MIPs based. The current generation
uses AMD chips. The RAQ guys are a little bland, but the Cube
is a neat approximately 10 inch cube in a deep, rich, Cobalt
blue. None of these namby-pamby lolipop color schema. The Cube,
like the RAQ, has a power connector (12V, 3.3A), an RJ-45, a
serial port, and a place to put a lock so it doesn't migrate
during trade shows.

Cobalt is the InterBase of server boxes.

Cobalt has a subsidiary call ChiliSoft which sells a MS Active
Server Page clone for Linux. ChiliSoft and Cobalt were the
impetus to make me do the ODBC driver. Having mostly done that
miserable thing, damned if I'm going to let this deal get away!

The Cobalt and ChiliSort guys are about the nicest guys I've
worked with outside of InterBase. They deserve better than

Jim Starkey