Subject RE: [IB-Architect] ThreadVars
Author Leyne, Sean
Don't other languages also support ThreadVars? (I'm not sure myself,
only know Delphi)

Also, given some of the discussions about extending the IB 'sandbox',
would it not be appropriate to provide a more general mention/warning in
a chapter "Developing UDF" as well as in "Programming UDFs with Delphi".

Just my .02


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Subject: Re: [IB-Architect] ThreadVars

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>OTOH, if the IBDH is to be truly helpful why not include this and just
>"It is specific to Delphi"? If there is a chapter or section in IBDH on
>writing UDFs in Delphi then ThreadVar will be mentioned. If it is
>mentioned, it should be in the glossary and the index.
>Your call, Helen (as editor).
I agree it would clearly be in the Index if it's in "Programming UDFs
Delphi." I don't think I'm convinced it has a place in the Glossary.
it has no applicability outside its symbolic job with Delphi local
it doesn't have a place in the InterBase Glossary...

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