Subject Re: [IB-Architect] ThreadVars
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 7/12/2000 09:07 AM (Wednesday), Marcelo Lopez Ruiz wrote:
>It's pseudo-relevant. It's a technical detail about writing UDFs in Delphi
>for the multithreaded server.
>AFAIK, it's only language keyword used to extend Borland tools to make some
>threading issues easier. I'd rather not have it in the IBDH Glossary.

At first glance I was going to send just an "I agree with Marcelo".

OTOH, if the IBDH is to be truly helpful why not include this and just say
"It is specific to Delphi"? If there is a chapter or section in IBDH on
writing UDFs in Delphi then ThreadVar will be mentioned. If it is
mentioned, it should be in the glossary and the index.

Your call, Helen (as editor).