Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Trigger Templates
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Joseph Alba [mailto:jalba@...]
> Sent: Domingo 9 de Julio de 2000 3:39
> Delphi is limited to delegation because it does not have multiple
> inheritance. Now, starting with Delphi 4 we have Interfaces,
> which provide
> some semblance of multiple inheritance (With regards to the importance of
> multiple inheritance, I can think of mix-ins - design pattern which wre
> quite hard to do in Delphi before Interfaces)

I hardly can imagine a multiple inheritance of tables, but it should be
possible with some restrictions. (I imagine the face of Jim reading this.)

> I think question here concerns coupling. How tightly coupled
> should triggers
> be to tables. Should triggers be so tightly coupled to tables so that they
> can't be dropped without altering the table? My answer to this
> would be no.
> In fact, triggers can be loosely coupled to tables.

Ah, you want them as Delphi's event handlers, where they can remain defined
in code even if no component is using them.

> No need for reference counts if triggers are loosely coupled to tables.

That's for checking purposes, to avoid run-time ugly surprises like in MsSql

> No heroes please. I am more of a believer in Deming - No individual star
> performers. Instead, "Team Work", "Cooperation", "Communication".

Just in case the new code has a bug?

> Besides, IB has such a small
> footprint,
> and I'm sure one or two more megabytes won't hurt at this present age.

Of course, the original limitation of 2MB/4MB no longer applies, so Jim
could teach us about some structures/code that will benefit from the
assumption of 16 MB at least.

> But also remember that SQL that we use now is not really the
> first language
> of IB. It is GDML, right?

AFAIK, the engine only understands BLR. QLI speaks GDML.

> So, this should hint that the internals of IB
> should be ready to take in linguistic enhancements anytime, and hopefully,
> easily.

Hope it is so smooth...

> My! Was it really 80?

I didn't count them but they were a lot of and went above 40 at some
place... I contributed, too.

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> I'm glad HB did not take the first post as a boorish remark.
> Joseph Alba
> jalba@...

Me, too. Later, I realized that "internal implementation details" is not
the best way to refer to the character of a person.