Subject Re: [IB-Architect] SQL Statement Depandance Mapping
Author Olivier Mascia
From: "Jim Starkey" <jas@...>

| >Does this mean that the server do not parse any SQL statement any time ?
| >Are DSQL statements (DDL or DML) submitted through the C-API parsed at
| >client-side and are the actual network requests to the server done in BLR
| >
| Up until version 4 this was correct. Dynamic SQL has handled by
| a client side library (DSQL). In version 4, DSQL was moved from
| the client to the engine to both reduce the amount of client side
| code and to be able to share the cost of fetching and maintaining


| DDL is a different story. The real DDL operations are performed
| by ordinary DML to the system tables. SQL DDL is what is known
| in the biz as syntactic sugar.


Thank you Jim (and Ann),
I just learned a new bit of the overall architecture of Interbase.
I find this list is invaluable.

Olivier Mascia