Subject Re: [IB-Architect] SQL Statement Depandance Mapping
>Guys, don't even think about it. The engine is the wrong place
>>for at least a million reasons. Believe me, parsing stuff is simple and
>>Pick a SQL parser from almost anywhere in the product set and go at it.

I don't understand the last sentence, are you referring to a third party
SQL parser or Interbase's parser ?
and if so I thought the Query engine contained the parser?

>>But, please, don't crud up the engine with stuff that virtually nothing
to do with its job.

All I'd like is a copy of some of it's data (assuming the query engine
contains the SQL parser).
I would like to use the internal SQL parser because I think it would
guaranty the same answer to both the questions;
* What do I need to execute this query?(Interbase)
* On what does my Query depend?(Developer)