Author Dalton Calford
Hi Marcelo,

For many users, the sort of solution I am detailing is overkill. With
the source of the different bots released as well as a few wizards (I
have a visual database builder - a RAD for interbase that I have been
working on but never get around to finishing...) and the whole system
can be set up easily.

My big concern is being able to provide a solution for those who need
it, but the current version of IB is not being maintained for them
(those locked into a 4.0 environment) or for those who want a system
that is highly modular and easy to modify/maintain without needing to
understand C or BLR or even the interbase api - that way, if they do go
this route, they simply print out the final version of the documentation
as a development/maintenance guide and let any new developers on staff
read it. I am trying to target as wide a audience as possible with my
writing because for many, this is a very new and intimedating subject.

I am sure that someone will want the native tools of IB to do this sort
of work, but, it would be a very interesting job because a developer may
not want all the tables to be logged or, if a true differential backup
is done (ie, only the finished state of the changed records vs the steps
to get the records to that state) how would you get the benefit of only
applying certain actions - in the case of bad user input causing a
failure. It would be a good project to look at, (I gave it a bit of a
go when I wrote my own GBAK a long time ago) but I would not say that I
have enough skills to cover all the potential pitfalls that may occur.

(Like all my posts, there is a standard disclaimer about spelling and
grammer, I do not like most spell checkers, and refuse to use one that
only supports american spelling...)

best regards


> Of course, given the hardware requirements and the performance hit, it
> should be optional to enable/disable the various features.
> Marcelo Lopez Ruiz