Author Marcelo Lopez Ruiz
> If I get people on this thread asking for the next group of
> installments, I will continue as I am onto the concepts of replication,
> security, direct undo logs, system setup wizards, etc. Otherwise I will
> just package up the source to what I have been describing and post it to
> Helen and Ann (for them to do with as they wish).

Oh, yes, keep the posts coming!

Eventually, of course, InterBase should have a built-in way to do
replication and faster backup/restores (and avoiding using the word
'incremental' on purpose - I'm sticking with the requirementes). Having to
create log tables, activate bots on the network, etc. is not trivial, and I
think it can be 'done behind the scenes'. Until the source code is released,
though, all I can do is speculate...

Of course, given the hardware requirements and the performance hit, it
should be optional to enable/disable the various features.

Marcelo Lopez Ruiz