Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Wolves and IB-Architect
Author Benny Schaich
Jim Starkey schrieb:

> I think the right answer for this list is that it shouldn't matter.
> InterBase-IV is the custodian of the code base, but the product is
> public source. This doesn't mean that the public gets to see the
> code, but that the community gets to drive development as well (see
> caviats below). The InterBase engineers will have the same responsibility
> to propose changes, respond to comments, and suffer code review
> as the rest of the community. The only real difference is that
> their priorities will be set (and their salaries paid) by InterBase
> Software Corporation, IV.

Talking about IV, do you mean arabian 6?
If so that should be roman VI. (Or is this because you left at III and now
insist to return on IV? <g>)

Just for the records and trying not to waste your time grand master (and I
*mean* it)


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