Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Wolves and IB-Architect
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Jim Starkey [mailto:jas@...]
> Sent: Lunes 19 de Junio de 2000 15:32

> I see my role as mentor to budding architects and as a link to the
> post, explain both how things work and why they were designed the
> way they were, and sometimes to point out why what was a great idea
> in 1981 is a lousy idea in 2000. It is not my role to censor bad
> ideas. I would much rather take a new idea, roll it around a bit,
> and steer it toward something useful.

Bravo, this is the idea I wanted to understand!

Let's say I'm driving a truck at 120 kmph (probably you count in miles) and
you are on a helicopter and notices there's a precipice 1 km in front of me
(okay, the example is totally contrived). Then you make me any signal, I
stop and you descend and tell me the road has collapsed. I thank, you or I
would be a dead man in 30 seconds. (Of course, if I feel bad because you
wanted to help me, then it's my personal problem where I missed the real
context.) Couldn't it be slighly better if you, taking advantage of your pov
from the helicopter, point me briefly in another direction or give me any
clue on how to continue?

Assuming I'm doing a proposition and such sumission is not really stupid
about IB but you know it can break the engine or is not generic as to be
useful or lacks basic db principles, could you help me understand what's the
paramount error in my proposition and hopefully, give me a little hint on
how to rethink it? Hopefully, I would realize myself that my idea is
unfeasible and will discard it silently or I will try to fix the main
weaknesses. Taking into account that my current projects are not building
databases, probably you could tolerate that I submit the refined idea and
failed a number of times, until I give up or other people comes with a most
decent solution.

How about that?