Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Space usage with TCP/IP & Varchars
Author Dalton Calford
Tension is not a bad thing.

Some of the strongest relationships in the world are based around the
fact that both parties have no fear of expressing themselves.

We are developers. That means by definition, we sit alone for long
periods, dealing with problems by ourselves. Loners one and all.
Everyone on this list must understand that we all are very strong willed
and stubborn on certain points. That is why, developers in general, are
the hardest staff to employ or manage.
It also means that at times, our social skills may be lacking.

The thing is to make sure that, if our feelings are hurt, we state it vs
just keeping quiet. We must also understand that if we hurt someone
elses feelings, we need to clarify ourselves and apoligize - bad
communication or reckless statements help no one.

If we are to get interbase, the product, into a situation where we are
to make some money from it, we all need to help one another.

Open discussion is the best method of doing this, even if, some
individuals, would prefer to shout it down. The best thing we can do
is, ignore those individuals until they become more civil.

I have seen many other projects fork because of one or two peoples

I have also seen the CVS changes of certain developers reversed simply
on the principal that they do not play nice therefore their work is of
no value.

I hope I never have to read another email like Claudio's or like this
one from Jason. This is the beggining of the building of the
foundations of IB, if we are all not careful, then we will loose the
very people who will make the product strong for all of us.

just my 2c worth


> Not everyone liked my thinking here and I met quite some opposition so
> hopefully this time around we can discuss this more openly and get to a
> consensus. I recall just dropping the thread to avoid more tension...