Subject RE: [IB-Architect] External file handling
Author Leyne, Sean

Wouldn't that introduce issues of data consistency?

The external blob files could be changed/deleted outside of IB (never
mind any transaction), therefore doesn't that defeat the whole purpose
of having a transactional based SQL DB?

[It seems that we are "arguing" about everything tonight.]


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> While we are on the subject of external file handling....
> What would it take to get IB capable of storing BLOB contents
> in individual
> external files? Just allow it to determine a random file
> naming convention
> and keep a path name in the metadata for the table or column
> (domain) to
> tell where all the BLOB files are located. Then, InterBase
> would maintain
> the files external to the GDB allowing a daily backup to only
> send to tape
> the new guys for the day.
> We have a server that is used to store tons of image files (we have a
> web-search that displays UCC filings for the state of AZ).
> Right now it
> isn't feasible to store those images in the database so we
> have all the
> files external to the database and stored in the file system.
> Just their
> file name and volume are stored in the database. We want to
> be able to do
> daily backups on our database... It would be in the tens of
> GB in size of
> all the images were in the database and that would make for
> too much I/O to
> get our backups done.
> It is quite a pain to interact with this image data from a
> client app on the
> LAN and keep the network properly secured. Having everything
> accessible via
> the standard client data access of IB would really make
> things easier. We
> would have to be careful not to introduce any security
> problems in doing
> this either...
> Of course, I've long wanted to do true backup strategies with
> an IB database
> instead of the all or nothing backups. We can save that
> debate for another
> time. ;-)
> Something tells me that either of these solutions would be a
> lot of work...
> I guess this is the "Enterprise InterBase" that someday may
> come to be...
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