Subject ODBC Driver Source
Author Jim Starkey
'Tis a work in progress and not a finished component, but
the InterBase ODBC driver source is available for inspection,
recreation, modification, and/or abuse.

The CVS command to get the source is:

cvs -d :pserver:odbc@...:/usr/local/interbase login
{password is 'arch-list'}
cvs -d :pserver:odbc@...:/usr/local/interbase
checkout OdbcJdbc

A couple of requests and comments:

1. We're currently running off a 56 KB leased line, so hold off if
you can. Our 1.1 MB DSL line is installed but not yet in use.

2. I haven't given the world checking privileges. I'll figure this
out someday.

3. The Window's build procedure isn't there. If you can't wing
it, maybe this isn't for you.

I believe this is the first InterBase component to come out of the
closet. Time to celebrate? No, not yet. But it is time to buy
up wine futures.

Jim Starkey