Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Official WISQL (and Delphi data access layer) for InterBase
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Markus Kemper [mailto:mkemper@...]
> Sent: MiƩrcoles 14 de Junio de 2000 9:49
> When I must resort to using a GUI tool, I use IB_WISQL over
> WISQL any day of the week. It is far superior in layout and
> functionality regardless of what's under the hood.

Markus, what are you saying???

> I recently read a post from Jason, what I believe to mean that
> he is not implementing the 6.0 services API into IBO? Does
> anyone know if this correct?

From what I understand, this is correct. Jason's idea is if IBX already
does well with such API, IBO shouldn't step in this field (because these
components would be able to work through an IBO connection, probably). I was
one that was thinking in trying a bare bones, native-IBO components for the
Services API but probably this is out of my current skills, since I need to
read more about the DPBs and those things.

I want to warn the readers that I hold a patent on the AVG() function in
relational databases, so vendors should contact me for royalties.
:-) ;-) :-)

Since I often seem to disagree with the rest of the world <grin> I want to
take IB_WISQL out of this list. I will show briefly my motives:

- Initially, IB_WISQL was an ordered tool, but somebody that signs as "C."
[hey, that's myself! :-)] added some tabs to the utility and put more info
inside some tabs without any concern for a good UI and as a result the tool
grew in complexity and Jason was forced to fix some bugs that such geek
introduced indirectly.

- While some people have good time with the utility (me included) others
want another type of interface for the same functionality.

- Some people have asked for more functionality. No problem while Jason and
me can make more convoluted SQL statements to query more info on metadata,
for example, but the tool could become an overloaded beast I fear.

- IB_WISQL has been always free. It was intended to be a demonstration of
IBO but it ended being a free tool per se. Although IBO is commercial, any
person can get an evaluation version of IBO, install it on Delphi (BCB
required a full version in the past at least) and recompile IB_WISQL. The
IBO eval components only show a reminder when the app starts outside Delphi,
saying that the SW is not registered (but the app runs anyway), so paying
for IBO is left to the integrity of the developer, unlike InfoPower that
precludes any application to be started when the IDE is not running.

- I'm not "the IB_WISQL Director of Development" or some more ridiculous
denomination, but I've taken over some duties on the tool so probably this
is the reason Jason "piped" towards me some people interested in further
developments around IB_WISQL or a tool with other UI.

- Of course, IB_WISQL functional problems are really small when compared
with IBConsole, for example. Marathon is perhaps the best example of a DBA
tool made with IBO.

- Since I'm trying to dissect the beast so at least internally we have less
code per unit/form, I'm working in the shadows with some tests that still
aren't as good as I want.

- I'm clueless whether to enhance the internal code structure only to make
it more manageable or to extend it more in the future.

- At least one people wanted to start a separate program that would be
offered for example with the IBO full registration, but this was just his
idea... Jason probably wouldn't be very inclined to have a non-free tool,
although it can be a bonus for the people that purchase a license.

- As posted in IB and IBDI sites, Jason has made statements about reaching
agreements with people that want to contribute freeware for Interbase. IBO
always has been free for non-profit organizations.

- Going back to the programming tasks, I would like to discuss with others
the UI of IB_WISQL, whether it could be enhanced as it's or start a separate
utility with a new face, what more functionality to include, etc.
Personally, I don't consider appropriate to bloat this list with these
issues, so my only and 0% original idea would be to start a separate list
for these purposes. I would prefer a NG, but where can I find a site that
offer frees newsgroup creation? For example, I think that apart from Jason
itself, few people use the results of the chunk of code that makes the
Layouts tab. Also, the utility had a help, I haven't checked how behind the
current tool it is. I would like to take it outside of the IBO's main HLP

If you're going to reply and your reply is not localized to any phrase
mine, please wipe out my letter. I was amused/scared by the size the replies
on this thread were taking. My brain doesn't support much levels of nested
replies, but it handles several concurrent replies... where did I read that?