Subject Re: [IB-Architect] GDML?
Author Charlie Caro
Jim Starkey wrote:
> At 11:46 AM 6/14/00 -0400, Gary Smith wrote:
> GDML, although still present in QLI and GPRE, was dropped from the
> pre-historic, pre-web days.
> Among the significant differences from SQL:

As an amusing anecdote, GDML has no dynamic component to it like dynamic SQL.
However, at least one enterprising customer spawned a QLI process as a pipe
server in their application. That layer passed dynamic GDML statements through
standard input and retrieved the result set through standard out.

How do I know this?

We changed the QLI prompt in V2.x which did a real number on the customer's
algorithm to parse QLI's output :)