Subject RE: [IB-Architect] BDE /Interbase Guru's????
Author Dan Palley
IB under BDE requires SQL Links which is licensed separately.


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Subject: [IB-Architect] BDE /Interbase Guru's????

I have a interesting problem, I am running WP Office 2000 under linux
with Paradox.
This package comes with the BDE.
Now from what the tech guys have told me (and from doing some file
comparisons) it looks to me as if they have not changed anything from
the windows version.

The only thing is, they do not have IB as a native driver. They have
Paradox (of course) Dbase, Access etc, but no IB.

Does anyone know/remember what files where needed for IB to run under
the BDE as a native driver.

(We have more bde licenses than we have employee's)

If I can get this going, it would make a nifty how to, for all the
authorized bde owners out there.

best regards


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