Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Official WISQL (and Delphi data access layer) for InterBase
Author Jason Wharton
> May I presume that the discussion of IB_WISQL is in anticipation of
> its pending release under open source? If not, the architecture
> list is not an appropriate forum.

Pending? It already is "open". i.e. anyone who wants to use it for free can
and the full source to it (including IBO for those who enhance it) is
available to all. Is all people need additionally right now is Delphi 2+ and
they are set.

Are you telling me discussion of IB_WISQL & its data access architecture is
inappropriate here because it isn't under the IPL or some other official
open source license? Let me kindly remind you that this is a community forum
of IBDI and not an ISC forum. You, nor anyone else has the right to mandate
this community forum only consider ISC/IPL'd material as appropriate.

I have nothing against IPL and I might even consider releasing IB_WISQL (the
application) under it. It's full source freeware already so what's going to
be the difference anyway...

[No reply necessary]

Jason Wharton
InterBase Developer Initiative

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