Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re: New API -- Request for Comments
Author Jim Starkey
At 02:06 PM 6/2/00 -0700, Jason Wharton wrote:
>> Isn't GDS32.DLL already more portable than it will ever be if rewritten
>> in Delphi?
>> I'll better wait the new thread, though.
>For my own purposes I'm not concerned about portability within the Delphi
>environment. By choosing Delphi I chose the limitations of the platforms
>that it supports. I'm looking for a zero installation EXE that will be
>generated via Delphi/CPPB/Kylix...
>I certainly wouldn't intend for it to replace the existing library, which
>thankfully is highly portable.

If I could be so bold, you might consider wrapping the JDBC API
that we've been consuming so much bandwidth discussing. It manages
the sqldas, buffers, status vectors, and all of the ughly wigglies
that inhabit the "native" API [note: as the original designer, I
am entitled to critique my own work].

Jim Starkey