Subject a website submission for you
Author Jim Starkey
The following came in the InterBase web site:

>for Jim Starkey on ODBC Driver (there were no email
>address in his message on named

>It looks like you dublicating efforts of GQL at:
>So why not to join that project?

GQL is indeed highly similar. Like the new API, it is modelled
on JDBC. I could find documentation only on DriverManager and
Connection. They differ in a number of ways:

1. They have changed the names of almost all methods to be
"C like" -- "prepare_statement" instead of "prepareStatement".
2. They don't seem to worry as much about object lifetime.
3. They don't seem to be worrying about extensibility.

If anybody would like to do some more investigation I would appreciate
a report on any interesting ideas they may have.

Since I need something right now for the ODBC driver, I'm not
inclined to join their band wagon.

Jim Starkey