Subject Re: [IB-Architect] SuperServer vs. Classic
Author Dominique Louis
Jim Starkey wrote:
> An argument can me made -- but I haven't convinced Charlie -- that
> removing Classic will speed up SuperServer (algorithms are now chosen
> that work well in both), and that speeding up SuperService is necessary
> to kill off Classic. Chicken, egg.
> Thoughts?

First if someone could answer a question. I am about to start a large
project that will necesitate the need for Interbase on the server as well
as locally. Basically the application has to be able to run 24x7 and if
the server goes down the user must be able to use a local server until the
main server comes up at which point they will continue using the main
server as per normal. The applicaion is heavyily multimedia orientated. So
it will move large files around the server as well as locally. I initially
thought that it would be best to have IB classic on the local machine and
obviously IB SS on the server, but If someone can convince me that SS will
suit my needs for both occasions then I'm willing to let go of IB Classic.


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