Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Fw: Mischievous SYSDBA
Author Benny Schaich
Paul Reeves schrieb:

> Given that something like that goes in, how do we flag it up as being froth?

Very easy: Write it into the manual <g>.
The point is, that it takes much effort to explain somebody why we don't do what he
wishes. This always looks like bad customer service -no matter what. Once you
implement such service it is eligible for the customer to use. To use it she needs
to read your manual -and there you can explain in epical wideness (hope this
translates well to english) why you think this is a feature that should not be used.

This is what I call extremely good customer service.

> One requirement should be that a reasonable developer can evaluate such a
> 'feature'
> in half an hour and discard it as useless.

By Reading the manual in two minutes? <g>

> Still, it might help in technical support - separate the idiots from those
> that know what they are doing. The 'walk and chew gum' test?

You see, another reason why I like open source: You don't need to care how you talk
about your customers in public ;-)