Subject FW: [AstaTech] ASTA Interbase 6 Explorer Available
Author Solon Edmunds
I hope that posting this interests enough people
to make this foward justified..

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From: Steve Garland [mailto:sgarland@...]
Sent: Tuesday, 23 May 2000 1:50 PM
Subject: [AstaTech] ASTA Interbase 6 demo Server running-ASTA Interbase
6 Explorer Available

There is a compiled ASTAIBExplorer at
and there is an AstaIBObjects ( server running at port 9003 connected to Interbase 6.

ASTA wants to step up support for Open Source Interbase 6 and is making the
AstaIBExplorer available as source and as a compiled EXE for anyone who
wants to throw SQL at a remote Interbase server and to manage it. Result
sets can easily made editable and we are going to extend the ASTA Interabase
Servers (IbExpress and IBObjects) to support all the Interabase Metadata
calls anyone could ever want.

To test this client out set download the AstaIBExplorer and run it with a
command line switch of port=9003 and set the IP address to

AstaIBExplorer.exe Port=9003

This is just the start of what we hope will be a very functional and
sophistated ASTA/Interbase tool.