Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Event datasets RFD
Author Jason Wharton
>I don't like this because it consumes network bandwidth (possibly a lot of
>bandwidth) without waiting for an explicit request to do so from
>code. This is exactly why BDE is such a pain in the neck for client/server

There's a big difference between an entire table, potentially thousands of
records, and a message or two...

I think an exception to that is in order here. If someone really has a need
to introduce messages to the extent that there would be a network I/O issue
they probably need to redesign their system...

Especially since there would be some performance issues here. I think it
would be great if all the messages were already queued up on the client so
that when it decided to do the processing there wasn't any I/O needed

I'd be willing to be that the initial notification and all the messages
pertinent to it would fit in a single network packet even. Thus, it would be
taking better advantage of network efficiency than making it so granular.

One advantage of multi-tier over client server is that the protocols for it
from middle tier to the client tier are typically much less granular and
thus are much less "chatty".

Jason Wharton
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