Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Extending SP lang. to ISQL
Author Bill Karwin
From: "Doug Chamberlin" <dchamberlin@...>
> What about defining an architecture which provides for server companion
> processes? These would run on the server alongside the main server
> process(es) and would be responsible for script executions or other stuff
> which should run on the server machine?
> Perhaps ISQL could be expanded to direct certain tasks to a companion
> process via a pre-process dispatcher.

Easily done with the current architecture:

1. Isql posts an INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE or calls a procedure.
2. Procedure or trigger posts an EVENT.
3. Server-side process listening for the EVENT leaps into action,
performing server-side business tasks without having to worry about network
latency etc.

I think this would be far more useful if we extend the EVENT mechanism to be
able to return data instead of just the event name. But we all wanted that
capability anyway.

Bill Karwin