Subject Re: [IB-Architect] BLOB filters and BLOB types
Author Jason Wharton
>- the famous Soundex() filter, always in my presentations never was written
(up to my knowledge) and does not need any blob-type.
>- XML filter: Could provide database content in XML form (while the out
filter should be easy, the IN would give ma an headache)
>- XSL filter: Could provide XML content in different layouts.

None of these items seem to meet the role that a filter would accomplish.

The first one should be written in a UDF and the other ones should be a
driver or even an application that interacts with the database on the whole
to export and import the data to and from XML.

Having said that, I realize there is a possible use as follows:

It may be useful to store a generic SGML or XML representation of some data
in a BLOB and then have a filter that can serve it up in RTF or HTML.

Jason Wharton
InterBase Developer Initiative

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