Subject Re: [IB-Architect] BLOB filters and BLOB types
Author Benny Schaich
Sorry guys,

to bring you back to reality, but before discussing a standard shouldn't we find out if this standard is usefull at all? Those filters do exist quite a while and to my knowledge have never been used by anybody (well, some very specialized apps may exist).

And this time its not the Marketing. Remember, that a couple of years ago Informix stoal (?) the idea with their datablade concept. Anybody heard about this till then? They basically made the same mistake then Interbase: They waited for other people to write the filters.

The question is, if such filters exist, will they be used? I think an open source project is ideal to find out about this <g>.

Though, the dicsussion should not be about how to form the available numberspace, but to discuss what could be THE killer filter, write it and see what happens. Here are my suggestions:

- the famous Soundex() filter, always in my presentations never was written (up to my knowledge) and does not need any blob-type.
- XML filter: Could provide database content in XML form (while the out filter should be easy, the IN would give ma an headache)
- XSL filter: Could provide XML content in different layouts.