Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Database names: Hair balls
Author Ann Harrison
Jason Wharton wrote:

>In my little IB_WISQL tool I take full advantage of this nifty feature
>except there was one problem, there were no CRLF pairs as each segment was
>designed to hold one line of BLR converted text. That didn't look so great
>when the streamed representation of the results were stuffed into a memo
>As a result of this I modified my engine to recognize the BLR to text
>conversion and stuff in the CRLF pairs so that things would look nice and
>tidy as they should.

Another way to do that would have been to write a simple filter that
sits between text and a new type called "crlf", for example. The filter
would read segments and add line terminators if it didn't find them.