Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Database names
Author Bill Karwin
> I'd hate another "data format fiasco" to hit users when they try to move
> their IB install from Unix to Windows or vice versa only to discover that
> they are conforonted with a whole new monster to tame.
> If a design goal of a product is to be truly cross-platform then sometimes
> one has to accept the common denominators. Not doing so only causes grief.

I agree completely! If InterBase uses the Registry on Win32, then it is
necessary to provide a GUI to insulate users from regedit.exe. If IB uses a
text file on non-Win32, then it is necessary to provide a two-way conversion
tool in the GUI between the Registry and the text file, to permit folks to
move from platform to platform.

Since the GUI would have to understand the text file format anyway, it'd be
easier and preferable simply to use the textual (or XML structured
text)configuration file across the board.

I also agree with Tim's comments: a text configuration file is discrete,
portable, readable, editable, and script-accessible.

Bill Karwin