Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Backward compatability with previous versions of gdb files
Author Jim Starkey
At 03:28 AM 5/2/00 +0800, Joseph Alba wrote:
>wouldn't a different namespace been simpler to implement?
>For instance, in Delphi, there are VCLxx30, VCLxx40 so that the different
>versions won't bang into each other.
>I would not really mind have two different client DLL's on my client
>computer(s). Or even two IB servers on my server.
>Example: instead of GDS32.DLL, the client 6 could have been named GDSIB6.DLL

It's easier than this. First, you don't (ever) talk directly to
the server -- you talk to the Y-valve that multiplexes calls to
an arbitrary number of subsystems, specifically GDS32V5.DLL and
GDSV6.DLL. Your program doesn't need to know anything about
versions whatsoever. It just works.

Jim Starkey